Navigating life, fears and tiers!

What the BLEEP happened? and what /when is the next? We need one another more than ever and I am here to support you in any way I can.

Introducing a weekly magical, powerful online group for connection, sharing, and transformation. Together everything looks different. Challenges become lighter and new possibilities appear. Uniting we create a safe container of positive, loving energy where you can be yourself, receive, release and re-connect.

•             Lift away of any negative, heavy energies
•             Return/maintain balance and peace
•             Feel calm, centred, peaceful and joyful
•             Connect with like-minded individuals

Even though we are not in person we can have the same and possibly deeper connection. Magic happens in these circles. I see it every time.

“You did an incredible job of bringing us all together and the energy was so lovely, I never thought I would feel so comfortable to share with strangers as I was.”

“Thank you for last night’s circle. I have woken joyful and ready for today. Much love  ❤”.

“I had such a lovely sleep after the circle and feel much better”.
“The energy is magical, powerful and renews my faith on many levels”.

“I am so thankful for you our little family. I can feel your positive energy in myself. I know you work very hard”.

“The sharing circle is amazing. Once I voiced what I had been holding in, something shifted”.

“I started the circle with a migraine following a really rubbish week, about an hour afterwards my migraine lifted, I felt nourished and supported and slept well. So much so that during a meeting this morning people commented on how well I looked and had I lost weight over the last few days!”.

“I felt empowered to be able to speak my true feelings without being judged.”

“The group renews my faith on many levels”.

This is a 4-week intensive to support during this time of uncertain tiers and limitations.
Tuesdays 8-9pm
November 3, 10, 17, 24

Donations £20 per session or £60 for all 4. For those in genuine financial issue please donate what you can.

The group will be maximum 7 people.

Email me to book your place.

Love Suzan
07795 517157

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