Finding Peace As A Parent Of An Addict

Being a parent of an addict is a life long journey and there is  no guarantee of a happy ending! That is the harsh reality of our situation. Even though I am a firm believer in miracles, it is tough, really tough. But it is okay too. It has to be otherwise we are doomed. That is something I played with for a while and rejected.!! Over many years of personal development and well-being work, training and sharing I can confidently say that there is hope of peace. Rather than a linear process, its a journey with detours and standstills.

Here are 3 ways you can get started:

  • Spend time with people who understand, don’t want to fix or give unsolicited opinions and advice! I am sure we have all had plenty of this!
  • Sign up for a group/course to support your mental and physical well-being. I find committing by paying in full is the most effective way to ensure I attend regularly. It is easy to put others first and neglect our own well-being and development unless it is a non-negotiable event in the calendar.
  • Get curious but kind. Start noticing how you see/think/talk to yourself. Make a note, doodle or drawing with your findings. What thoughts or events trigger unhelpful emotions? Which strategies are more effective?

Being a parent of an addict has unique challenges and obstacles. Together it is easier.

I am gifting 100 complementary well-being calls (30-minute ) for mums who are looking to support themselves and their adult son/daughter as they navigate life with addiction challenges. To schedule a session use this link

This offer is open to all who are ready and willing to make lasting positive change in their life.

If you are ready I would love to share some ideas and practices. Gain new perspective. Start or continue the journey of supporting you and your son/daughter. Contact me for a group or private online sessions.

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