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Free well-being calls for parents of addicts

I have committed to 100 well-being conversations, 30 minutes with mums whose adult son/daughter is living with addiction challenges. It will take around 30 minutes.
Open to any mums who are looking to make positive change.
To schedule your session use this link
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How do you stop feeling like a failure as a mom …. of an addict.

How do you stop feeling like a failure as a mom….? This question comes from a mum whose son has come to addiction in his 40’s. Everything appeared to be on track. Having graduated from parenting to grandparenting they learn their son is experiencing addiction. It must be a huge shock.

The societal view that addiction is a disease, bad, or wrong is slowly changing. New thoughts and ideas on addiction are out there, gaining momentum but not yet mainstream. They are worth considering and make sense to me.

You mention your son has also been diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD. Dr Gabor Mate, a Hungarian-Canadian physician who has worked with addicts, believes trauma, childhood or transgenerational is the root of addiction. The substance of choice producing the brain chemistry needed to soothe the pain.

“Addiction is not a choice that anybody makes; it’s not a moral failure… What it actually is: it’s a response to human suffering…”

— Dr. Gabor Maté

If addiction is self-medication rather than a dis-ease does anything change? What happens to the sense of failure? You may be filled with compassion and everything is solved or transfer the sense of failure to another issue.

Question… Who says something has gone wrong? What if addiction is part of your son’s life journey, fate, or destiny. Could addiction be a catalyst to highlight and possibly transform personal or transgenerational trauma? or to change track to a more fulfilling career etc?

Whatever our opinion life is neither a fairy story nor Disney movie. Happy ever after is a relatively modern idea. History shows that life is tough, and no-one gets out alive! Some seem to have an easier ride but there is no guarantee for any of us. But if as a parent I am part of the problem I can be part of the solution.

At the start of my transformation journey I felt, spoke, and acted like a victim. Life was happening to me. I had no control and a whole load of negative self-talk. As layers of conditioning lifted, I saw things differently. I learned about the bigger picture, how transgenerational and early life events have influenced my perception and behaviours.  I became more self-compassionate. This made it easier to look at patterns, mistakes, and judgements and start making positive changes.

I now view life as the episode of a tv series/season. Rather than a one-off this life is part of my soul’s journey of many lifetimes. This makes sense of incomprehensible, unjust events and tragedies. My purpose is to deal with what is happening in each moment the best I can. Challenging situations are opportunities for learning and personal growth. They may not be welcome or easy, but gold lies beyond each obstacle.

4 key steps in stopping feeling like a failure as a parent of an addict

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Curiosity
  • New habits

The more I can be at peace with myself, my story and history the less I am overwhelmed by negative emotions and feelings such as failure, guilt, shame, judgement. A magical outcome is that as I work through my issues something shifts for my children.

Do you have a question, topics, or practice ideas you would like me to share? email me or post in the Facebook group.

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Seeds of Hope for Parents of Addicts

I was born into a chaotic situation. Drama was either playing out, ending, or brewing. To cope I learned to be vigilant. It was my survival strategy and all I could do at that tender age.

The world seemed a hostile and frightening place. Instead of potential I saw danger. Keeping small and invisible was safe. I stopped dreaming. The glass was half empty.

My body felt normal when flooded with stress chemicals. I was safe with a heightened state of awareness and would feed my dependency with drama – my own, friends or loved ones. I was addicted to stress!!

I saw the world the colouring of my childhood. This is what I carried into parenting. I loved my children and did the best I could. Yet I was unable to be fully present or love unconditionally. In my unconsciousness by trying to protect my son, I stifled his dreams.

“We cannot create a new future, by holding on to the emotions of the past.” Joe Dispenza

In the process of healing and unravelling my story I became aware of things I could have done differently. I plunged into the shame, blame and judgement loop. Subconsciously I was avoiding looking at my own issues and feeling and processing supressed emotions. In time I accepted that my parents had done the best they could and were unable to fulfil my needs. This did not make them bad or wrong, it was not personal, simply a fact. Their parents were not able to meet their needs and so it goes back through our ancestral line.

I began to understand and accept the past. Initially with my mind, then much later it became visceral, and I knew from deep within me.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” —Desmond Tutu.

My son had been struggling with addictive tendencies for well over a decade. I could see no way to help him or our relationship. Until… I started zooming out, away from the past and focusing on positive possibilities. Like a seed I scattered it. I fed it with a gentle comment or offer to help and repeated sparingly. Everything changed. It opened a door to a new possibility. What was impossible became possible in a relatively short timeframe. There was hope, ups and downs, twists, and turns and results beyond my dreams.

I would love to hear your story and what supports you. I am gifting 100 complementary well-being calls (30-minute ) for mums who are looking to support themselves and their adult son/daughter as they navigate life with addiction challenges. To schedule a session use this link

This offer is open to all who are ready and willing to make lasting positive change in their life.

#addiction #parent #help #support #addict #alanon #not_alanon #recovery