How I Improved My Relationship with My Addict Son

One day my son was visiting. I was cooking and asked him to taste for seasoning. He spilt some onto the floor. I instantly felt and knew without doubt that my energy created an anxiety and the spillage happened. It was deeply humbling and highlighted how sensitive he is to energy.

A huge wave of sadness swept over me as I share this, yet it is testimony to how far I have travelled. First the awareness and second the ability to be ok with and share the story. Sure, it is sad, but it is ok too. My son and I are on a journey. It seemed like a huge never-ending roller-coaster ride at times!

I used to think people who watch news 24/7 were the most negative, depressive, and heavy to be around. That being bombarded by sensational headlines and doomsday scenarios had taken its toll. Yet my attention was either focused on negative possibilities about my son or zoning out and avoiding. I was doing my own version of news 24/7!! It is as if the more I tuned into the drama the more appeared.

Energy flows where attention goes”. Michael Beckwith

The idea that focusing on doom and gloom was bringing more into my awareness was a surprise. Initially I understood this and carried on as before. The knowledge was in my head but not yet integrated into my body, mind, and emotions.

Thoughts are energy. They have a frequency. I, you, and everyone is a field of electromagnetic energy, we vibrate at a frequency. We feel and pick up on the energy of others mostly subconsciously. We all know someone who has a heavy energy, they are the ones we dread meeting or avoid completely. Others have an uplifting frequency, and it is a joy to be in their presence.

The more I worked on myself, became grounded and present the easier it was for my son to relate to me. Nothing else changed – just me. Over time our exchanges were less fraught and more loving. He would ask me questions and listen. Rather than being judged he picked up that I was more empathic, accepting and understanding. My energy had shifted. It was much lighter and welcoming. The oh no! what now, what does he want energy was pretty much gone. I am human though and have bad days, luckily they are rarer now.

Next time you catch yourself thinking negatively about your son or daughter, notice how you feel, smile, and reframe or remember happier times. When you are feeling content, they will pick that up too.

The next group specifically for mums of addicts starts in September. We will explore and experience these ideas and develop positive strategies for interacting with your child. (They are still our child however old they are). Email me to be added to the waiting list.

With love and acknowledgement for all you have experienced, your challenges and potential.

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