From Breaking Point to Break Through

My son was 15 and struggling. I was near breaking point. Constantly worrying, my mind racing with possible worst-case scenarios. It became harder to concentrate. I was feeling anxious and irritable with low mood and sense of helplessness. My eating was erratic. Often I wasn’t hungry and would binge on something quick and easy when it caught up with me. My alcohol consumption increased as I enjoyed the numbness and pause in thinking.

Some doctors believe that stress may be responsible for 75% of all diseases in the western world.
Something had to change

What I did next changed the trajectory of my life and led me to being calmer, kinder, wiser and a resource to myself and my son.

I was deeply entrenched in my story and unconsciousness when I realised I had to de-stress. No ifs, buts or later, it was NOW or pay the consequences. In a quiet space a gentle voice guided my body through movement, breathing and relaxation. A sigh of relief waved through my whole being. This was the foundation for my development and transformation. It is yoga but not body, beautiful tie yourself in knots. Yoga in its fullest sense with slow mindful movement, breathing, relaxation, reflection, ritual and more. Being present, grounded and with my body meant I literally was present rather avoiding or fixating on what had or might happen. Gradually this filtered into my daily life.

Calm ( ???? Campaign Against Living Miserably???? )

When relaxed I see more clearly. There is a possibility to respond rather than react with my old patterns. Let’s face it, they haven’t worked so far and are unlikely to now!! This is a journey. It takes time and consistent practice. Change had begun and a calm, relaxed state was the starting point.


Time on the mat, noticing my body and breath, taught me to be ok with what was happening. It is safe to be here and now in my body, in this moment. I was on a path of acceptance, curiosity, and willingness to do and see things differently.

The body holds our story

Every thought has a muscular reaction. Unresolved trauma is hidden within our body, often deeply buried and subconscious. I continue to unravel and free tension, holding and trauma energies. I set the pace – when I feel stable and safe, and the time is right. This frees my body, it is more relaxed, my posture improved, and energy flow optimised. I feel better in myself, the world at large and my own world seems a better place. There is a sense of ease and acceptance. Others notice the difference too.

This is the basis for well-being and catalysed my quest to go deeper finding lasting, positive change in all areas of my life.

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With love and acknowledgement for all you have experienced, your challenges and potential.


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