3 Unexpected Bonuses from 2020

I was driving to meet a friend on Christmas morning. The sky was blue and it was sunny. I was filled with joy and awe at the potential and possibilities of life. No it wasn’t a love interest! A good friend of many years. πŸ™‚

There has been an overwhelming energy of fear, especially fear of death this year. In the West it is something that is rarely discussed. In the East death is a part of daily life for many. Nevertheless it is always tragic when someone is seriously ill or dies before their time. If you have been impacted I offer my deepest condolences.

The yogic view is one of re-birth or reincarnation. We have an infinity spark. Nature’s process is birth, flowering, reproduction, decay, death andΒ  decomposition to become the building blocks for new life. This world is one of polarities – birth and death are inextricably linked. There has to be a release, ending or death for a new beginning.
stress trauma recovery sensitive informed yoga sound healing therapy reiki addict addiction parents2020 has seen the end/death of many plans, jobs, business’ as well as the health issues. This has a devastating impact. Suicide, depression, addiction and mental health issues have increased dramatically. Yet within the darkness there have been unexpected bonuses and possibilities. This is what I felt on Christmas morning as I was driving in the sunshine.

I had a strong feeling of triumph over adversity and a deep understanding how survivors of atrocities view it as a blessing. At the time it is extremely difficult/painful, yet ultimately it is a gift. I also realised that I can connect with everyone without being in the same room, even without internet or phone. I felt so deeply connected to you my friends, family and colleagues. I wasn’t practicing a technique or anything magical. It is an innate quality in us all. When I arrived I was bouncy and bubbly and so joyful to be alive NOW, in spite of and because of everything.

Here are my list 3 bonuses from 2020

1. Creativity and innovation – so many inspiring ideas, takeaway afternoon tea/dinner, online Biodanza which can NEVER be taught online.
2. Clarity – unexpected focus on our priorities and what is not important or not working.
3. Connection – with neighbours, local community, friends who are alone/vulnerable who perhaps we wouldn’t have met or called so often.

What do you think? are yours different? Feel free to drop me an email.

2021 from one perspective is starting with uncertainty, growing confusion and questioning of what is happening globally. The yoga and spiritual view is that we are entering the golden age/age of Aquarius. As with all birth there is labour! As in nature the old must fall away to allow the new to come into life. There is much hope and potential.

Your role is to make peace and move through any challenges life brings. You do this by being present and grounded, refining our awareness, accepting what was and what is, this enables any heavy energies to flow through you. The good news is this is easier now than ever before. Your energy vibration raises and the higher it is, the easier your transition to the new age. What changes will you be making, or taking steps towards? what is your dream and how can you manifest it? And how can I best support you?

I continue to offer yoga and development classes to support you with your process. Classes are stress, trauma and recovery sensitive.

Monday 6-7.15 PM Mindful Yoga THERAPY & Relaxation
Monday 7.45-9.00 PM Mindful Yoga & Relaxation
Tuesday 10.30-11.30 AM Chair Yoga
Tuesday 8.00-9.00 PM Spiritual Connections – Sharing & Support Group
Wednesday 6.00-7.30 Recovery Yoga
Wednesday 8-9 PM Yoga Beyond Postures – A healing/development group
Saturday 2-4pm Finding Freedom holistic development group for parents of addicts

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If you have any questions, support requests, topics for newsletters and/or want to say hi, drop me an email.

With love

COVID-19 Corona Virus


Following todays announcement all classes will now be online.

Online sessions will be just one click! I will allow extra time to sort out glitches and make sure you are comfortable.

We will have our usual sharing and support time, mindful movement, relaxation/meditation. I will email a link in good time and we will use the same link every week.

Together we will navigate these challenging times.
See you soon x

Yoga Haydon Hill Aylesbury Online


To my dear yoga family

Yoga classes continue this week and I will do all I can to maximise the benefits of yoga and the support and connection we give to each other as well as hygiene. I will not put you at risk and if I am unwell or have a cold Barbara will cover the classes.

If you are on immuno-suppressants or have any condition that affects your immune system please contact me.

As a sensible precaution please do not come to the class if:

you are unwell or have a cold

you have been in contact with infected people or have been to one of the international hotspots or

you think you may have encountered the virus, (please follow the government advice, and self-isolate in the first instance. The latest advice is available here:Β https://www.gov.uk/…/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-t…)

I am investing in equipment to run the sessions online should the need arise and will do some free support and relaxation sessions soon.

Your health and well-being is paramount and we will discuss, adapt and do all we can for safety and to ensure you continue to benefit from your regular dose of yoga.

Together we are stronger.

Love Suzan