Womens, Connection, Sharing, and Transformation Circle

08/12/2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Suzan Joy Wells
+44 7795 517 157

A weekly magical, powerful online circle for connection, sharing, and magical transformation. Connection is the antidote to separation, isolation, and supports  mental health. Together everything looks different. Challenges become lighter and new possibilities appear.

  • Join our tribe/sisterhood- be seen, heard, and valued.
  • Relax
  • Rejuvenate
  • Recharge
  • Return/maintain balance and peace
  • Re-connect with your inner wisdom
  • Remember you not alone
  • We can do this… together we are stronger, and everything seems brighter.

Yoga, meditation, healing, relaxation, female sharing, high vibration, rejuvenation, recharge, , energy healing, Reiki, sisterhood, mindfulness,  stress relief, connection for searching

Sessions include sharing, meditation, energy healing, (eg Reiki) and social/fun activities. We experience holding and a deep energy connection online. You can feel the energy. Magic happens. I see it every time.

Thanks so much Suzan, your weekly connection groups keep me sane, happy and grounded.

A welcoming moment where I can talk freely without judgement.

It means so much more than I can express.

A beautiful holding space.

Each session is unique and touches just where it is needed.

Thank you for last night’s circle. I have woken joyful and ready for today.

You did an incredible job of bringing us all together and the energy was so lovely, I never thought I would feel so comfortable to share with strangers as I was.

The energy is magical, powerful and renews my faith on many levels.

The sharing circle is amazing. Once I voiced what I had been holding in, something shifted.

I started the circle with a migraine following a really rubbish week, about an hour afterwards my migraine lifted, I felt nourished and supported and slept well. So much so that during a meeting this morning people commented on how well I looked and had I lost weight over the last few days!”.

The group renews my faith on many levels.

Maximum 7 people.
Weekly Tuesday in November, then we will review. 8-9pm on Zoom.
Donations £20 per session or £60 for all 4.
For those in genuine financial issue please donate what you can.
Message for details.

Thank you for the recording! I am going to do this tonight again just because it was so lovely last night! xx