Sharing & Healing Circle – Online, In-person Group

24/11/2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Online : Zoom

An ancient and simple, yet profound way for connection, self-understanding and healing

  • Immerse yourself in the support and holding of the group
  • Feel the release in your body as you are truly seen and heard without judgment
  • Receive healing, relaxing, and calming energies
  • Make deep, soulful connections with like-minded people

Together we will form a safe, strong, and confidential container where you can freely share your joys, concerns, and struggles – as deeply as feels right in that moment. You will be witnessed and heard from the heart and soul of everyone present and supported by the powerful energy of the group. You will be accepted exactly as you are without anyone trying to fix or judge. Healing occurs whether you are listening or sharing.

listening to each other’s stories with total attention is an act of compassion that catalyses a deep and profound healing in both the teller and listener” Gabrielle Roth

“You did an incredible job of bringing us all together and the energy was so lovely, I never thought I would feel so comfortable to share with strangers as I was.”

“The sharing circle is amazing. Once I voiced what I had been holding in, something shifted”.

“Thank you for last nights class. I have woken joyful and ready for today. Much love”. ????

“I had such a lovely sleep after the circle and feel much better 🙂 ????????????

“I started the circle with a migraine following a really rubbish week, about an hour afterwards my migraine lifted, I felt nourished and supported and slept well. So much so that during a meeting this morning people commented on how well I looked and had I lost weight over the last few days!”.

“I felt empowered to be able to speak my true feelings without being judged.”

The places we are seen and heard are holy places. They remind us of our value as human beings. They give us the strength to go on. Eventually they may even help us transform pain into wisdom. Rachel Naomi Remen

All sessions are online on Zoom

Online Sharing and Healing Circle

Cost £12 per session or £30 for any 3 sessions Sept-Dec 2020

If you will benefit from the classes, are committed to attend regularly and have a genuine financial issue please donate what you can – this will be confidential. Please respect this policy and keep for those who really need it.

Please email me to book your place.

Healing Group
Are interested in diving deeper with a healing group? if yes what  days and times are best? and what would you like to receive from the group? Please email me.