Sound Healing & Sound Bath – Online, In-person Group

20/01/2021 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Suzan Joy Wells

A group sound healing using the voice as a diagnostic and healing tool followed by a beautiful sound bath. Restore calm, relaxation and a sense of well-being – all from the comfort of your home. Sound is a gentle and powerful healer, guiding the body to entrain to higher, more positive energy vibrations.

For some mid-week luxury, prepare for bed and drift off to sleep as the session ends.

  • Clear heavy energies
  • Activate the rest and digest mode
  • Balance and align your chakras
  • Restore calm and well-being
  • Relax in a beautiful sound bath.

After the session I felt
✔Really, really happy – cleansed and clear headed
✔more energy
✔happy and connected
✔something had shifted
✔went very deep in a short time and feel just how I wanted

That was absolutely beautiful

I feel I could go out and do anything now!

I am in a cocoon of loveliness.

Sound is a nutrient for the nervous system (Alfred Tomatis).

Online sound healing, sound bath, Aylesbury, calm, relax, well-being


All groups are stress, trauma and recovery sensitve.

Suggested donation: £12 per session or £30 for 3 sessions Sept 16th, Oct 21st & Nov 18th 2020. Please email me to book.