New Beginnings

Something is stirring, it’s time for change.  You have a knowing, a remembering that there is more to life than you are experiencing, something deeper, a new way of being. I know this place that is awakening in you. It was the start of my journey.

The coincidences, feelings and synchronicities are part of your awakening, you are being guided. The universal energy that flows through you and everything, wants your attention! You may know this as your intuition, soul wisdom, or higher self. It is experienced as a state of stillness and spaciousness; knowing, clarity and peace.

This is your time. You are so ready, to embrace change, overcome your challenges, to find your true authentic self.  To let the flow of your intuition guide you in every moment of your daily life as you become free of the chains of the past. I will show you the way, support and empower you your journey of self-discovery. Finding, trusting and using the wisdom you hold inside to become the very best possible version of you.

My journey spans over 20 years. I have explored and travelled, training in the most transformational modalities for body, mind and soul. I bring together these ancient and modern techniques and using my creative and intuitive gifts tailor them to your specific needs.

I have worked with hundreds of people. Each person is unique and so precious. In the safe, loving, supporting space their story and journey unfolds, effortlessly. There is joy, laughter and sometimes tears, ultimately there is a deep sense of peace and knowing. You too can do it. You are not alone.  You can become the driver of your life and find the joy, passion, peace and clarity you yearn for. This is your natural state, the deep truth of who you are.

We can work 1 to 1 healing sessions or life purpose analysis, or in a group with one of the transformational workshops and retreats, or you may prefer to join the Online Meditation Sanctuary. If you are unsure which is best for you, please book a free twenty-minute online consultation.