Stress, Trauma and Recovery Sensitive Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful self-care opportunity, with time for relaxation and connection as well as movement, pranayama, meditation and more.
Improve sense of well-being, physically, emotionally and mentally.
Develop self-awareness and self-acceptance to support your life.
Learn to be present with what is and
Navigate challenges on and off the mat/chair.

Yoga means unity, bringing together the different aspects that make us whole and it feels SO good! There are techniques for body, mind and soul. It can be mainly body based – energetic, strong, flowing, gentle, restorative and healing or more reflective and developmental. No practice is right, wrong, better or less. Each has value and may be supportive.

I adapt movement and postures to where you are at any time to support optimal health, well being and stage of your life. All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome. The benefits are many. I hear most that sessions create a feeling of relaxation, many sleep very well on yoga day, it helps free niggles in back, back and shoulders as well to create and maintain a strong healthy back.

“Advanced” yoga practice is learning to know AND accept yourself, your story and history. It is listening to your body, adapting, resting as needed.

The rewards of yoga practice include:

  • Improved sleep, digestion, and health
  • Feeling calm and peaceful
  • It can lead to more fulfilling relationships and life

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Private and group classes available.

Classes run as courses and create a wonderfully supportive community where everyone feels comfortable and safe to rest, try or not try certain movements and be themselves whatever life is throwing at them.

“When I left Aylesbury I thought I was going to cry when I had my last yoga class, I was more upset about that than all the great friends I’d made” Zoe

You may choose to come to a group class or to work on a 1-2-1 or with Yoga therapy, Discover The benefits of therapeutic yoga and Yoga therapy sessions.

Weekly Group classes are online. Courses start April, September, and January.

Gentle Yoga & Relaxation 
Gentle, therapeutic, restorative – mostly lying
Monday 6.00-7.15pm

Hatha Yoga & Relaxation
Relax, unwind, reconnect – poses & relaxation
Monday 7.45-9.00pm

Chair Yoga – Yoga for the gentle years
Gentle, safe and fun – no lying or kneeling
Monday 10.00-11.00am

Online Sharing Heart Circles for Women

Join our tribe of like-minded women.
Be seen, heard, and accepted just as you are.

We welcome your success and struggle, vulnerability, and emotions.

Together we weave a circle of high vibrational, compassionate, and loving energy facilitating self-awareness and deep healing.

Class Schedule and Events

Contact me to discuss and book your space.

Read about my yoga journey here.