What my clients say

Thanks for your support, patience & innovation – it has made such a difference & I really appreciate it. Gail R

The most peaceful I have ever felt was at your yoga sessions, I greatly enjoyed it. Becci V

Thank you for providing an oasis, a moment in the week when I can let go and be with myself Richard L

Just want you to know that your sessions are making a difference to me. I can feel the change in my body. They help to keep me in my body and ‘breathing’ especially when stressed and so frightened. JM

I have been enjoying the course of yoga study, and although I feel my mastery of the movements is far from ideal, I am feeling the wonderful effect it is having on both body and mind  Guy

I can’t thank you enough for how much you have improved the quality of my life and my self-confidence. Ann P

I joined Suzan’s yoga class when I had some personal difficulties. The classes are friendly, welcoming, enjoyable, non-competitive and it has helped me learn to relax and be more positive about myself. I would recommend yoga to anyone to try and in particular a class with Suzan

I had to have second knee operation as the first one failed and Suzan adapted the postures so I could get back to yoga quickly which undoubtedly helped my recovery Marion

The morning after my first yoga class I got out of bed and for the first time in 3 years had no back pain! I also slept like a log which is very rare JL

During my first yoga class I was still and had moments where my mind was quiet John L

Suzan gives lots of personal attention. We move slowly, with focus and there is a lovely meditative practice at the end. I cannot imagine ever stopping! I have been to retreat days and master classes too. Sarah

The meditation was just what I needed before I felt quite overwhelmed with everything. Today I have a clear head and lots of energy. Anne J

Before I started yoga I had stiffness and pain in my neck and joints, I couldn’t carry shopping and my balance was not good. As a result of attending your classes I am considerably more mobile, I can carry quite heavy loads and the only time I get joint pain is when I have missed my Monday yoga session. This has given me the confidence to do more physical things and I have taken up hill walking again, an activity I never thought I would be able to do again. Ann

What I love about Suzan’s yoga class is that it really wakes my spine up. I never really realise how tight and stressed my body is until I have done one of Suzan’s classes – afterwards I feel that my spine has been gently woken up, mobilised, strong and happy. My body feels so much more open and life feels like it flows again. I can whole heartedly recommend. Liza K Collins (mum of two)

I had a discectomy 6 months ago and was quite concerned about how long my rehabilitation would take. The beauty of Suzan’s yoga classes are that she was able to give slightly easier versions of the exercises in the first few weeks to make sure I didn’t place any undue stress on my recovering back. Now that I am 6 months into my yoga classes, my core strength has increased considerably and I am now able to undertake the more challenging variations of the exercises, whilst always being reminded to listen to my body and make adjustments where necessary if there is too much of a strain. I am a real convert to yoga and would recommend it to anyone. I only wish I had taken it up before I began suffering with a serious back problem! Mark.

I have attended Suzan’s yoga classes for four years and the benefits are numerous! First of all, the improvement in my core body strength has been considerable. This has been helpful at work. I work in a primary school and am on my feet most of the day. I used to suffer regularly with lower back pain, but this is now a rare occurrence. In addition it has impacted my tennis playing because I feel stronger.

You go deeper and quicker, pin pointing the issue with Lazer sharpness Mark

In one hour you completely understood my issues around family, work and the future. You shared your insights and gave me tools to thrive.

Like a needle, Suzan goes straight to the core of an issue Laura

As if she had known me all my life, Suzan went to the core of the matter instantly.

Thanks so much for the Soul Contract Reading. I found it amazingly accurate, and really deeply affirming of both my past and my future, and giving my courage to find the way forward in difficult circumstances. Jane

Thanks So much for my beautiful healing…. I feel SO much has been sorted…. Jenny D

I look forward to the sessions for the relaxation and meditation aspects. It is the perfect way to unwind from the busy day, tune in to your body and have some time for yourself!” A

Suzan is a wonderful healer, I have been working with her for a long time. I lead a pretty busy life and before receiving Divine Healing from Suzan I’m usually coming straight from work or are going to pick my daughter up afterwards, so I’m on the go, sometimes stressed. Suzan has helped me on several occasions to pin point what is really going on weather it’s in regards to my work life or private life. She has an amazing ability to get me super relaxed and at ease. I always feel lighter, clearer, more rested and relieved when I have had Divine Healing with Suzan. I feel that she has helped me to realise and clear many of the blocks and issues that stops me from living Heaven on Earth. I would recommend Divine Healing to anyone who wants to live a happier, healthier, brighter, clearer and more abundant life. Divine Healing can treat most physical, emotional and spiritual issues, it really can heal anything. With love Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon – Alternative Therapist, Weybridge

Your sessions are maintaining my sanity! See you tomorrow

I have suffered stress, depression and broke my right arm but adapting and keeping up my practice with Suzan has got me through the difficult times. I cannot imagine ever stopping and have been to three retreats and a master class which gave me more time and space to improve and build on my practice MM

Suzan’s yoga is different, much more than a sequence of the classical postures. She gives so much including lots of personal attention. We move slowly, with focus and there is a lovely meditative practice at the end. It did take a while to get used to it but I cannot imagine ever stopping! I have been to retreat days and master classes too.” MC/DB

Its great, we come in all strung out and go home very relaxed JV

After a chat with Suzan I felt she totally understood my concerns about joining the class, everyone made me feel very welcome and I really enjoy it. MA

Suzan’s yoga has worked wonders on my back! I can thoroughly recommend it. Nicola, Aylesbury

Receiving a little extra attention in the early classes, enabled me quickly to appreciate the value of movements linked to breathing; always non-competitive and comfortable for each individual. With eyes closed, relaxation of the mind, allows the muscles and joints to relax, and to regain fuller movement and flexibility. After each class, there is a physical and psychological sense of wellbeing.
John N Blackwell FRCP

My back has been a million times better since I started your class

Thanks for last night; really enjoyed it. I certainly can feel like my body has moved, just what I need!

My shoulders are far more relaxed, muscles have released and I haven’t had a migraine for years CC

The sessions help me relax and improve my breathing techniques PP

Suzan’s yoga’s sessions are very relaxing.  I find the shoulder/neck work particularly beneficial

I have had Divine Healing with Suzan on several occasions. Every session is different. Beforehand I may feel a bit down, emotionally upset, tired or just ok. We chat and afterwards Suzan intuitively homes in on whatever issue is a priority for me at whatever level at the time. It could be related to an emotion, a limiting belief, a fear, a psychological conflict, a nutritional deficiency, an unwanted behaviour, a past trauma or many other things. After a session, where Suzan has pinpointed and cleared, for example a core issue, I feel calmer, lighter, more positive and connected to what I call my best Self.
I love that I can be very open and honest with Suzan. She is warm, empathic, understanding non-judgemental and has a great sense of humour. I also love the accuracy, precision and power of Divine Healing. I am always amazed at its perfection, the way an issue intuitively comes to light and is cleared so gently, gracefully and easily.
For me, having a Divine Healing session with Suzan is an opportunity not to be missed. I believe we all need healing in our lives, especially in our hearts at this time of Ascension. Divine Healing clears away the unwanted layers that are holding us back, and reconnects us to our Spirit”. Marion Summer, Brentwood, Essex