Spring is in the Air

I see blue skies, pine trees and the golf course glistening with dew. Two magpies catch my attention. A host of unseen birds chatter loudly. It’s a sign of spring. Winter will not last forever.

Our ancestors lived according to the rhythms of nature. Candlelight and fires were the only light. Inclement weather and reduced daylight signalled the time for sleeping longer, curling up and resting. As a species we retain this connection to nature. We are not designed to run at full speed 24/7 365!

Nature brings times of plenty, scarcity, activity, and rest. Before industrialised agriculture food supplies would dwindle towards the end of winter. Reducing food intake/fasting triggers autophagy – processing old and damaged cells. The resulting reduced energy has least impact during this time of stillness.

Wintering is a form of meditation – being rather than doing – noticing and returning to stillness.

It’s a challenging part of the yogic path, easy to avoid yet ultimately it sets us free.

I am great at thinking of all possibilities, planning and organising but it impedes certainty and action. My successes come from acting on a deep knowing. And so… I’ve been the most still and silent ever this winter. Initially the pull ‘to do’ something, be productive was predominant. At times it was uncomfortable and heavy. As the weeks passed it felt more comfortable and I welcomed times of aloneness.

One day the time was right. The answers came quickly. I knew, beyond doubt, my next step.

My secret? Was to get out of my own way, value my intuition and give it space.

The beginning of February is the time of Imbolc in the Celtic Wheel of the Year – also known as St. Brigid’s Day. The earth feels different. Something is in the air. I have naturally been waking earlier and venturing out for longer but I’m not quite ready to leap into full speed ahead.
ancient ones new a lot!

If you too are ready to start the year now today is a perfect time. Each day, each breath is a new beginning. And just one step in a different direction creates a completely different view.

I’m here if you need support.

From Suffering to Serenity – The Klesha

The mind is a wonderful tool, we couldn’t do without it, yet it can take us to some dark places.

‘A drunken monkey, bitten by a scorpion’ is my favourite description of the mind.

The mind is designed as a team player – working with the heart brain and gut brain – but it runs amok when in the driving seat!

The mind creates a world view to maintain it’s supremacy. When it feels threatened the mind will bring up every disaster scenario possible! Often in the middle of the night.

How many times have you looked back and thought I knew that was right/wrong and done it anyway? Our gut feeling and instincts are important and valuable yet mind supremacy is deeply embeded.

For thousands of years intuitive and 6th sense gifts have been dismissed, ignored and at times resulted in persecution. It is not surprising that we have lost the connection to our heart and gut knowings. This overreliance on the mind is where the seeds of suffering are planted. which The yogis identify 5 root causes of our suffering – The Klesha

When we view the mind as sovereign we we are not seeing clearly. There is a lack of insight (Avidya).

The Ego rules (Asmita). Forgetting our true nature, we base our happiness on external factors. We confuse our uniqueness as superior and separate from the flow of life rather than interbeing with all life.

“He who sees all beings in the Self, and the Self in all beings, he never turns away from it [the Self]. For he who perceives all beings as the Self, how can there be delusion or grief when he sees this oneness everywhere?” “Isha Upanishad” Yogapedia

Giving our power to external objects is a great tactic of the mind.  The relentless need for new possessions, relationships etc. in pursuit of happiness – Raja – brings only fleeting results. Perhaps we learn to avoid instead – Dvesha.

The Tree of Suffering – source: samanyayoga.co.uk / www.yogitimes.com/

There is a force, flow, energy in the cosmos that continually changes. Although we are powerful spiritual beings with great potential, we have no control over this energy. Part of us is aware of this changing force even in our deepest separation. As the ultimate change is death with the resulting loss of all things physical. it gives context to why we know from day 1 we will die and yet we (in the West) rarely mention or prepare for it.

Yoga provides many tools to unite all aspects of the Self including mind, body, spirit, gross and subtle. We have time to get to know all our parts in a way that is accessible to us – movement, breathing, mantra, meditation etc. Here we can truly get to know both our separateness and interconnection to all life – the wave and the ocean.

The mind becomes a co-worker with the heart and gut brain. As we embrace all we are we can experience moments of bliss. (The Ananda Maya, the bliss body the final sheath/kosha of our subtle body).

It starts by becoming aware, in this moment, then this moment on and off your mat, in a way that works for you.

Moon Magic or Mayhem?

What a summer! Nature is looking stunning from all the rain! Last summer everything looked brown, dried out and dying. No wonder we talk so much about the weather!

We too need water to be vibrant and healthy. A huge percentage of the body is water. Figures vary according to age and body part. I haven’t found a consistent figure. A conservative estimate is a minimum of 50%.

‘According to natural health expert Dr Joseph Mercola, your blood contains 85% water, muscles contain 80%, the brain is 75% and your bones are 25% water’.

Just as the oceans are bodies of water so too are we, and like the waves we are impacted by the moon. 

The full moon exerts a strong pull on water. Every 10 or so years there are 2 full moons in a month which is known as a blue moon. A supermoon is when the moon is closest to the earth. Both events increase the intensity – positive or seemingly negative. 

The pull of the moon affects us on all levels. Physical issues may show up again. Emotions often run high! I’ve been told that for decades police, hospitals etc. have had extra staff around the full moon. The term ‘lunatic’ relates to moon madness.

Clients have shared dramatic events around full moon – left a toxic relationship; a loved one exploded, they felt engulfed in a tsunami of emotions. Another hadn’t slept for several days.

Life may be challenging for a while. Self-awareness brings opportunities to use these energies to our benefit. It’s a great time to work. The powerful energies can catalyse momentum. We can use them to break through old, heavy energies and heal. The vibration on earth is increasing. There is great potential for deep, swift healing of self, our ancestral line and the collective. Mayhem becomes magic!

This is where our yoga, meditation and healing circles support us.

Is it time to revisit your self-care practices?

My personal practice, keeping well hydrated, nourished and spending time in nature anchor me in stormy times. I am supported by my friends and healing team too.

Water for Well-being

I read an interesting book on hydration called Quench (8 glasses a day is not the way!) by Dana Cohen MD and Gina Bria. It’s based on the relatively new discovery of the 4th state of water, a gel state. My top 3 takeaways are:

1.    Add a teaspoon of chia seeds to a glass of water, (leave for at least 30 minutes before drinking). The seeds absorb the water meaning that rather than flushing straight through it is stays in the body for longer. 

2.    A pinch of good quality salt helps replace electrolytes lost when we sweat, or diluted through excessive liquid consumption etc.

3.    Rather than having 2 glasses of water at the same time have an apple and one glass. The fibre in the apple holds the liquid for longer rather than flushing straight through.

Ocean waves

The Healing Power of Water

Water is living, it holds an energy which can change as can we. Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water studied the effect of the spoken or written word and music. When positive words, such as peace, love, happiness, and gratitude, were spoken to or written on a container of water, beautiful crystals formed. Similarly, attractive crystals developed with music like “Amazing Grace” and Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. When negative words—“you make me sick,” “anger,” “evil”—or heavy metal music were used, the result was a less attractive, poorly formed crystal. (More info in The Healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto).

If this resonates you might also like to research structured water. It restores the natural vitality of water that is lost when it is in pipes. 

Summer is coming to an end and as we welcome autumn we will soon return to a regular schedule. Routine is grounding and settles vata. Whatever your predominant body type/dosha vata usually becomes disturbed with change of season.

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Finding Unity in a Fragmented World!

Such interesting times we have chosen to incarnate. The much-heralded unity Consciousness has not yet arrived. Darkness abounds. Fear and separation take us further from the unity we seek. Yet nothing is new, perhaps more intense, and visible. Yogic Philosophy refers to these times as The Kali Yuga the last of 4 phases in the wheel of time. The old systems disintegrate making way for a new beginning/cycle which starts with the Golden Age. Hooray 😊

Transitions are often tumultuous. Yoga provides tools, support, and structure to navigate challenges, thrive and create unity in YOUR world.

Take a break from trying to figure things out and keep up with twists, turns and possible outcomes. Notice where you spend your energy. How would it be to invest that energy in creating peace and unity in your personal world?

Unity Yoga guides you to a state of freedom and unity with your true nature.

The first 3 steps of are in the outer world – yama, niyama, asana – primarily linked to our physical body and how it interacts with the world. 

Tools here are all about the physical/body, individual traits and becoming more aware of relationship to self, others, and environment. Slow, mindful movement supports self-awareness, although you may need to start faster and slow gradually.

The next 2 steps take us towards our inner world – pranayama, pratyahara – they are more subtle aspects of Self – vitality, thoughts/emotions, where we are getting to know our higher self/inner witness. Tools include yogic breathing, moving meditations such as the caring breath, mudras, and palming.

The final 3 steps of the path are qualities of meditation – dharana, dhyana, samadhi –the least tangible aspects of Self. Glimpses of being completely absorbed in the moment; a state of bliss arise.

Tools include ritual, devotion, and meditation. We move into and out of the various stages of meditation. It is not a linear process. Our focus may become distracted. Other times the flow of awareness (to the object of meditation) becomes more constant, and we have moments of complete absorption. You may have experienced this when watching a sunset or listening to classical music.

Every part of us and each step on the path are linked. A large sheet of fascia runs from the feet up the back of the body to the head. Whatever happens in the body affects our vitality/prana and emotions and vice versa. When our witness self sees the world free from conditioning and survival instincts it is reflected in body and breath. Often there is a radiance and look of wellness as if a heavy load has been shifted.

We have created a new reality.

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I support conscious women ready and willing to do whatever it takes to overcome their wounding and trauma to live with purpose and joy. Sessions are on Zoom and include movement, mentoring and mindfulness.

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Yoga for Healing and Grounding

Yoga is a rich source of ancient knowledge underpinning many common spiritual beliefs.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali explains the nature of the mind. It’s 8 steps – astanga yoga – guide us from unconsciousness and suffering to freedom ‘kaivalya’. Here the mind ‘cit’ is no longer in the driving seat. Instead, there is discernment. An awareness of the difference between stories, patterns, mental chitter chatter and the innate wisdom of the soul/spirit. This is the ultimate truth.

What happens in the mind is reflected in both body and breath. Appropriate movement tames the breath calming the mind. Simple breathing techniques stabilise, and ground body which calms the mind. We develop self-awareness, self-acceptance and create the arena for insights and change. This knowing supports all areas of life. We begin to see beyond the suffering and illusions of the human condition.  

Living Your Healing

You are ready, you’ve done a lot of work, dealt with so much, some issues many times over but… those old habits die hard.

The final part of the healing process is something that must be done by our SELF. No-one can live our life and create a response rather than reaction or feel old energy stirring and stay present without being triggered.

The ONLY way that works is to become self-aware – thoughts, emotions, physical sensations. Awareness gives the opportunity of a new action or no action. Instead of playing starring role in the movie of our life we become an objective observer. Initially we may be pulled into the role of hero, victim, or rescuer. It’s our habit. The biochemistry is familiar. That’s ok. Before we were oblivious and now, we are noticing. Hooray!

Once the intention is set, things can change fast. Every now and again a tsunami of energy may come and before we know it, we are back in the familiar waters of our habits and coping strategies 😊. It’s part of the process.

HOW do we develop this awareness?

It’s important to feel safe in our body and able to relax. This will down regulate the nervous system to parasympathetic rest and digest/tend and befriend mode and facilitate rational thinking which always helps!

Create quiet time for reflection to be able to hear/feel/sense/know the messages from the body and intuition. Stillness may help and it may also be a non-starter. There is a view that seated, silent meditation is more yang and women are better suited to a gentle, moving meditation practice. Experiment and see what works for you. Remember there is no right, wrong or only way. You are meant to change, and your practice is to support where you are at any time.

I find mindful yoga, walking, simple breathing practices and flowing movement work well but also have great insight when I am quiet and pottering at home. I’ve had profound realisations and releases while driving in the countryside.

When aware of a thought, emotion, or physical sensation this becomes our focus, watching, sensing without judgement while avoiding getting pulled into a story or looking for meaning. Thoughts, emotions, and sensations in the body are all energy. We are holding space for unprocessed energies to move through the body with compassion, curiosity and self-love.

Want to know more?

I support conscious women ready and willing to do whatever it takes to overcome their wounding and trauma to live with purpose and joy. Sessions are on Zoom and include movement, mentoring and mindfulness.

Yoga Saved Me by Suzan J Wells

I spent many years in a whirlwind of stress desperately trying to rescue or fix my family and friends. Blissfully unaware. I was subconsciously avoiding dealing with my own issues. My health and well-being declined. I was exhausted, isolated and my adrenals were close to burn out. Eventually I grew tired of symbolically banging my head against a brick wall. I started yoga and instantly my body sighed with relief. Over the weeks, months, and years my body and inner wisdom showed me the way. Processing an emotional issue resulted in more ease and fewer aches and pains. My body began to tell me of trauma she was holding. I gently give this part of me space and allow her to be heard and the energy flow. On my mat I am home and safe. This is the real me. At my own pace other areas of my life began to change. I saw things differently, and positively. If I hadn’t found yoga….

Over the years I have adapted, integrated other modalities, and created tools for first-aid, maintenance and moving forward. Most importantly I listen to my body and inner wisdom. I had ignored silent whispers or deep knowing many times and regretted it. As soon as I notice I am off-track I take a few minutes to regroup with something for my body or mind/emotions.

“Thank you for the yoga and for keeping us sane in crazy times.”

I love to share this deeper yoga with its healing potential. This poem sums up perfectly my intention with groups and individual sessions.

A Medicine Woman’s Prayer
I will not rescue you
For you are not powerless.
I will not fix you
For you are not broken.
I will not heal you
For I see you in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through your darkness
As you remember your light.


Your Body has the Answer

Life is not random or co-incidental. We each have a curriculum, life plan, soul contract. From the get-go events, experiences, and trauma set us on our path.

As infants we subconsciously learn that we are not perfect, whole, and complete. Certain behaviours are encouraged, others discouraged. This is no judgement on parents. It’s the way things work. The best parenting advice has proved not to be so. Trends come and go.  If left to cry ourselves to sleep, we may have learned that our needs are not important or will not be met. Perhaps we learned to be good, work hard or perform to be accepted, or loved.

This is a shock. We are dependent on the approval of others to get our needs met and live. To cope we subconsciously split into parts.*

  1. The Wounded Self – feels it is not perfect, rejects aspects of the Healthy Self and takes on a false ‘acceptable’ persona.
  2. The Defended/Survivor Self – ensures we survive. Its role is to protect us through this false identity and hiding the Healthy Self. This is done ferociously and persistently.
  3. The Healthy Self – is non-judgemental, compassionate, deeply present. The destination of our healing journey.

Our protector/defender self does such a good job we forget about our wounded self!

The Defended Self kept us safe by shielding our true nature from the world. What a gift! It developed when we were young and acts from that place. This explains childlike responses and reactions that seem greater than the situations warrant.

It has done a great job but now it’s outdated patterns, limiting beliefs, and judgements keep us stuck or plays out the same old stories. It blocks the gateway to the Wounded Self – the root of the issue.

Developing compassion and befriending the Defended Self is the key. When it feels safe the nervous system calms, relaxation and rational thinking become accessible. We can then see beyond the drama/trauma/story that plays out.

As the barriers come down, we start to become aware of ‘defended/buried’ emotions. This can be tough. There is a reason you were protected from them. But it is not necessary to go into trauma, or relive events. Objective awareness creates a connection to the energy – as if watching a video rather than having a lead role. The energy can then be transformed, transmuted and new habits created. This is where I find yoga so valuable.

Conscious Yoga gives the opportunity to get to know our Self through the body. This is more accessible, and success orientated. Mindful movement, breathing, stillness and all the other yoga tools present an opportunity to get to know the Self more deeply. ‘Yoga is a journey of the Self to the Self’ – unity of all parts of self, unity with the cosmos, all that is. On the way we become aware and have the opportunity to accept all our parts with compassion from our Healthy Self.

I support conscious women ready and willing to do whatever it takes to overcome their wounding and trauma to live with purpose and joy. Sessions are on Zoom and include movement, mentoring and mindfulness.

*The 3 Selves by Franz Rupert

6 Ways Yoga Supports Your Healing

  1. Your story and ancestry are held within the body.
  2. Regular time to be present (can be humbling, insightful and healing ????).
  3. Self-awareness, self-love, and self-compassion develop.
  4. Healing emotions brings freedom to the body.
  5. Chakras align and aura clear.
  6. Grounding and relaxation are the foundational for change, healing, and integration.

For advice on starting or deepening your practice email Suzan to book a complimentary online consultation.

7 Fascinating Yoga Facts!

In these times of increasing change I smile and remember that yoga says the only certainty is change! Yoga has a vast arrays of tools and potential to support us as we navigate life, health and change.

Did you know?

  1. Ancient Yoga texts 4 list paths to yoga: –
    Karma – the yoga of action
    Bhakti – the yoga of devotion
    Gyana/jnana – the yoga of knowledge/wisdom
    Raja – the royal path – an eight-step path to Self-realisation – Patanjali Yoga.
  2. Asana – Sanskrit for posture – means a comfortable seated position.
  3. Patanjali’s Yoga does not include any postures – it states postures should be both steady and comfortable.
  4. Yoga was taught 1 to 1 to men only.
  5. Indra Devi was the first western woman to be taught yoga in the early 1900’s (by Krishnamacharya of the viniyoga tradition).
  6. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika is a much later text which describes 15 postures, breathing techniques, mudras & bandhas.
  7. Yoga means unity – joining all parts of self with soul and the oneness.

Are you surprised?

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