Online Meditation Sanctuary

A selection of monthly live, in person online community groups

A safe, loving and confidential space for sharing, meditation and healing for body, mind and soul. Where you can be yourself, heard, seen, supported and loved; met and honoured exactly as you are. Choose which group best fits your needs.

Monthly online sessions with Facebook support group and practices to use at home.

Thank you for all your help and support with support group. I have found the sessions really useful. Your guidance and structure both personally and in the group has been invaluable and enlightening. Thank you!” Sue C

Suzan facilitates the group dynamics, group healings and content with such professionalism. She is truly connected to the. I felt so ‘at home’ with Suzan. Crystal L

6-8pm UK time
Your presence is important please commit to attending all sessions

Contact Suzan for details of next group.

Mariana Willard ArtSoulful connections

3rd Tuesday of each month

You long for a place where you can be fully yourself, to share those thoughts and ideas, the questions that many of your family and friends would not understand. A group to travel together on a journey of self-discovery and development.

Embracing Your Wise Woman

2nd Tuesday of each month

You have lived, learnt, loved and cried and now menopause, grey hairs, body showing signs of age, memory not quite as it was. What to do! Celebrate and honour yourself, you have survived. It’s time to review and acknowledge your learning. You will journey into the darkness, to the shadow. Embrace the light and the dark, the gifts of your Wise Woman and connect more deeply with the limitless nature of your soul.


Practitioner Community

1st Tuesday of each month

You love giving, helping others, healing, transforming body, mind or soul. You are living your passion. Yet sometimes you feel alone, isolated, fatigued and miss the community of working for an organisation. This group is to support your personal and business journey with healing, meditation, sharing of ideas and advice. Together we are stronger, we can go further and shine more brightly.

Listening to each other’s stories with total attention is an act of compassion that catalyses a deep and profound healing in both the teller and listener’ Gabrielle Roth