Online Meditation Sanctuary

Online, connection, sharing and healing groups

Connect with like minded people

  • Say what you really think
  • Feel you belong
  • You are not alone.

Contact Suzan for details of next group.

Sharing & Healing Circle

  • Make deep, soulful connections with like-minded people
  • Feel a connection beyond time and space
  • Start or continue your healing

Together we will form a safe, strong, and confidential container where you can freely share your joys, concerns, and struggles – as deeply as feels right in that moment. You will be witnessed and heard from the heart and soul of everyone present and supported by the powerful energy of the group. You will be accepted exactly as you are without anyone trying to fix or judge. Healing occurs whether you are listening or sharing,

listening to each other’s stories with total attention is an act of compassion that catalyses a deep and profound healing in both the teller and listener’ Gabrielle Roth

“You did an incredible job of bringing us all together and the energy was so lovely, I never thought I would feel so comfortable to share with strangers as I was.”

“I started the circle with a migraine following a really rubbish week, about an hour afterwards my migraine lifted, I felt nourished and supported and slept well. So much so that during a meeting this morning people commented on how well I looked and had I lost weight over the last few days!”.

“I felt welcomed at the beginning although apprehensive but found it empowering to be able to speak my true feelings without being judged. Afterwards I felt calm and strong”.


Healing Connections – Women’s sharing & Support Group

Yoga beyond the mat – healing and self-awareness 

Week 1 Deep Relaxation

Week 2 Sharing & Healing Circle 

Week 3 Sound Healing & Sound Bath

Week 4 Healing Meditation

4 sessions per month £40 or £15 each


Sound & Voice Meditation – 8.00-9.00pm

BOOK NOW – direct to me or Eventbrite

Healing Group

Regular online sessions.

Practitioner Community

Monthly – I am taking names for waiting list and will notify when ready to start a new group.

You love giving, helping others, healing, transforming body, mind or soul. You are living your passion. Yet sometimes you feel alone, isolated, fatigued and miss the community of working for an organisation. This group is to support your personal and business journey with healing, meditation, sharing of ideas and advice. Together we are stronger, we can go further and shine more brightly.

Thank you for all your help and support with support group. I have found the sessions really useful. Your guidance and structure both personally and in the group has been invaluable and enlightening. Thank you!” Sue C

Suzan facilitates the group dynamics, group healings and content with such professionalism. She is truly connected to the. I felt so ‘at home’ with Suzan. C L