I have been helped by many wonderful people on my journey who have given above and beyond what is needed and are a great support.  These are very gifted people who I highly recommend.

Anna Elizabeth Taylor

Anna has journeyed deeply into my shadow, past lives and ancestors to free me in this life.  She is incredibly powerful, unshockable, very real, authentic and walks her talk.  A highly gifted channel, medium and healer.  She has played a hugely important part in my journey.  I honour and thank her for the depth and speed of transformation during our work together, for recognising my gifts and actively encouraging and supporting me on my journey. Thank you Anna.  Find out more about Anna and her work at

Cheryl-lya Systique Broadfoot

Cheryl-lya  is my business coach and has very patiently helped me with strategic planning and overview.  Although I would much rather be working on transformation with clients, she has shown me the value of this work.  She continues to keep me on track and moving forward.  I am very grateful for her support, generosity and wisdom. I highly recommend her ‘Be Your Business Destiny Now‘ Programme

Donna Messick

Donna a gentle yet very powerful healer, teacher and channel.  She has written 3 books:
Beyond The Code, Sacred geometry images which can give answers or more questions or begin synchronicities.
Inside the Code: Numerology and pictures within the I Ching matrix and
Breaking the Code: which takes numerology to the next level
I am lucky to have her as my mentor, guide,collaborator and friend.

Nora Zimerman

Nora inspires me to express myself from my heart and communicate this authentically and clearly. She feels, sees and knows all aspects of me and my business and integrates them in a unified whole with her simple, no nonsense and loving way. Nudging and challenging, supporting and advising along the way.  She is so much more than a graphic designer. See here website here.

Mariana Willard

Many thanks for the beautiful mandala images that you provided me to use throughout the website. See more of her work here!


I would also like to thank Jane Slemeck who has been a guide since my journey began, Maggie Ward and Liza Kaleah Collins who were an inspiration and support in the early days and are now good friends.  I also acknowledge all the teachers and therapists I have met along the way including Nicolas David Ngan and Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire.