What to wear?
We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing, not too baggy, layers are good as you will warm up during the posture practice, and cool down when still. We work in bare feet (socks can be worn if cold/when sitting). If you feel the cold bring a something to put around your shoulders eg blanket/shawl.

What to bring?
Bring a non-slip mat and foam chip block/firm cushion, I have some meditation stools

What to eat?
Don’t eat a heavy meal for 2 hours before the session

What should I do when I arrive?

  • Please arrive about 5 minutes before a class is due to start.
  • Please turn off mobile or switch to silent
  • Please remove any jewellery before the session
  • Please let us know if you have any injuries or health concerns, so he or she can help modify postures for you if necessary.
  • Some students like to take a few minutes before class to transition out of their stressful day by quietly relaxing on their mats,
  • If you arrive after the class has begun please be as quiet as possible