Spring is in the Air

I see blue skies, pine trees and the golf course glistening with dew. Two magpies catch my attention. A host of unseen birds chatter loudly. It’s a sign of spring. Winter will not last forever.

Our ancestors lived according to the rhythms of nature. Candlelight and fires were the only light. Inclement weather and reduced daylight signalled the time for sleeping longer, curling up and resting. As a species we retain this connection to nature. We are not designed to run at full speed 24/7 365!

Nature brings times of plenty, scarcity, activity, and rest. Before industrialised agriculture food supplies would dwindle towards the end of winter. Reducing food intake/fasting triggers autophagy – processing old and damaged cells. The resulting reduced energy has least impact during this time of stillness.

Wintering is a form of meditation – being rather than doing – noticing and returning to stillness.

It’s a challenging part of the yogic path, easy to avoid yet ultimately it sets us free.

I am great at thinking of all possibilities, planning and organising but it impedes certainty and action. My successes come from acting on a deep knowing. And so… I’ve been the most still and silent ever this winter. Initially the pull ‘to do’ something, be productive was predominant. At times it was uncomfortable and heavy. As the weeks passed it felt more comfortable and I welcomed times of aloneness.

One day the time was right. The answers came quickly. I knew, beyond doubt, my next step.

My secret? Was to get out of my own way, value my intuition and give it space.

The beginning of February is the time of Imbolc in the Celtic Wheel of the Year – also known as St. Brigid’s Day. The earth feels different. Something is in the air. I have naturally been waking earlier and venturing out for longer but I’m not quite ready to leap into full speed ahead.
ancient ones new a lot!

If you too are ready to start the year now today is a perfect time. Each day, each breath is a new beginning. And just one step in a different direction creates a completely different view.

I’m here if you need support.

Transforming Suffering the Yogic Way – The Klesha

A drunken monkey, bitten by a scorpion is the most memorable description of the mind I’ve heard. The mind is a great team player but runs amok when in the driving seat! When change happens, it feels threatened. Trying to regain control and understanding the mind creates a world view which maintains it’s supremacy. This is where the seeds of suffering are planted.

An understanding that the mind is all powerful skews, world view. To maintain this view the minds tactics result in challenges which the yogis call Klesha.

We have forgotten and view the mind as sovereign.  which means we are not seeing clearly. There is a lack of insight (Avidya).

The Ego rules (Asmita). Forgetting our true nature, we base our happiness on external factors. We confuse our uniqueness as superior and separate from the flow of life rather than interbeing with all life.

“He who sees all beings in the Self, and the Self in all beings, he never turns away from it [the Self]. For he who perceives all beings as the Self, how can there be delusion or grief when he sees this oneness everywhere?” “Isha Upanishad” Yogapedia

Giving our power to external objects is a great tactic of the mind.  The mind may tell us that if we have specific possessions, relationships etc. we will be happy (Raja). Perhaps we learn to avoid instead (Dvesha).

The Tree of Suffering – source: samanyayoga.co.uk / www.yogitimes.com/

There is a force, flow, energy in the cosmos that continually changes. Although we are powerful spiritual beings with great potential, we have no control over this energy. Part of us is aware of this changing force even in our deepest separation. This may result in fear and anxiety. As the ultimate change is death with the resulting loss of all things physical it gives context to why we know from day 1 we will die and yet we (in the West) rarely mention or prepare for it.

Yoga brings together all aspects of the Self including mind, body, spirit, gross and subtle. We recognise our separateness and at the same time our interconnection – the wave and the ocean. The mind becomes a co-worker with the heart and gut brain. As we embrace all we are we can experience moments of bliss. (The Ananda Maya, the bliss body the final sheath/kosha of our subtle body).

It starts by becoming aware, in this moment, then this moment.

Finding Unity in a Fragmented World!

Such interesting times we have chosen to incarnate. The much-heralded unity Consciousness has not yet arrived. Darkness abounds. Fear and separation take us further from the unity we seek. Yet nothing is new, perhaps more intense, and visible. Yogic Philosophy refers to these times as The Kali Yuga the last of 4 phases in the wheel of time. The old systems disintegrate making way for a new beginning/cycle which starts with the Golden Age. Hooray 😊

Transitions are often tumultuous. Yoga provides tools, support, and structure to navigate challenges, thrive and create unity in YOUR world.

Take a break from trying to figure things out and keep up with twists, turns and possible outcomes. Notice where you spend your energy. How would it be to invest that energy in creating peace and unity in your personal world?

Unity Yoga guides you to a state of freedom and unity with your true nature.

The first 3 steps of are in the outer world – yama, niyama, asana – primarily linked to our physical body and how it interacts with the world. 

Tools here are all about the physical/body, individual traits and becoming more aware of relationship to self, others, and environment. Slow, mindful movement supports self-awareness, although you may need to start faster and slow gradually.

The next 2 steps take us towards our inner world – pranayama, pratyahara – they are more subtle aspects of Self – vitality, thoughts/emotions, where we are getting to know our higher self/inner witness. Tools include yogic breathing, moving meditations such as the caring breath, mudras, and palming.

The final 3 steps of the path are qualities of meditation – dharana, dhyana, samadhi –the least tangible aspects of Self. Glimpses of being completely absorbed in the moment; a state of bliss arise.

Tools include ritual, devotion, and meditation. We move into and out of the various stages of meditation. It is not a linear process. Our focus may become distracted. Other times the flow of awareness (to the object of meditation) becomes more constant, and we have moments of complete absorption. You may have experienced this when watching a sunset or listening to classical music.

Every part of us and each step on the path are linked. A large sheet of fascia runs from the feet up the back of the body to the head. Whatever happens in the body affects our vitality/prana and emotions and vice versa. When our witness self sees the world free from conditioning and survival instincts it is reflected in body and breath. Often there is a radiance and look of wellness as if a heavy load has been shifted.

We have created a new reality.

Want to know more?

I support conscious women ready and willing to do whatever it takes to overcome their wounding and trauma to live with purpose and joy. Sessions are on Zoom and include movement, mentoring and mindfulness.

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Yoga Saved Me by Suzan J Wells

I spent many years in a whirlwind of stress desperately trying to rescue or fix my family and friends. Blissfully unaware. I was subconsciously avoiding dealing with my own issues. My health and well-being declined. I was exhausted, isolated and my adrenals were close to burn out. Eventually I grew tired of symbolically banging my head against a brick wall. I started yoga and instantly my body sighed with relief. Over the weeks, months, and years my body and inner wisdom showed me the way. Processing an emotional issue resulted in more ease and fewer aches and pains. My body began to tell me of trauma she was holding. I gently give this part of me space and allow her to be heard and the energy flow. On my mat I am home and safe. This is the real me. At my own pace other areas of my life began to change. I saw things differently, and positively. If I hadn’t found yoga….

Over the years I have adapted, integrated other modalities, and created tools for first-aid, maintenance and moving forward. Most importantly I listen to my body and inner wisdom. I had ignored silent whispers or deep knowing many times and regretted it. As soon as I notice I am off-track I take a few minutes to regroup with something for my body or mind/emotions.

“Thank you for the yoga and for keeping us sane in crazy times.”

I love to share this deeper yoga with its healing potential. This poem sums up perfectly my intention with groups and individual sessions.

A Medicine Woman’s Prayer
I will not rescue you
For you are not powerless.
I will not fix you
For you are not broken.
I will not heal you
For I see you in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through your darkness
As you remember your light.


The most popular relaxation aid in 20 years is….

Back by popular request for online sessions is Miss Georgia. Here she demonstrates plank posture.

plank posture demonstrated by Georgia the French bulldog

All I want is to be loved!

An unexpected outcome was the relaxing effect of her gentle, not so quiet breathing! Making Georgia’s gentle background snoring the most popular relaxation aid!! Haha. Take a listen.


7 Fascinating Yoga Facts!

In these times of increasing change I smile and remember that yoga says the only certainty is change! Yoga has a vast arrays of tools and potential to support us as we navigate life, health and change.

Did you know?

  1. Ancient Yoga texts 4 list paths to yoga: –
    Karma – the yoga of action
    Bhakti – the yoga of devotion
    Gyana/jnana – the yoga of knowledge/wisdom
    Raja – the royal path – an eight-step path to Self-realisation – Patanjali Yoga.
  2. Asana – Sanskrit for posture – means a comfortable seated position.
  3. Patanjali’s Yoga does not include any postures – it states postures should be both steady and comfortable.
  4. Yoga was taught 1 to 1 to men only.
  5. Indra Devi was the first western woman to be taught yoga in the early 1900’s (by Krishnamacharya of the viniyoga tradition).
  6. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika is a much later text which describes 15 postures, breathing techniques, mudras & bandhas.
  7. Yoga means unity – joining all parts of self with soul and the oneness.

Are you surprised?

Want to know more? Email me to find out how yoga can support you.

I Might Not Have Made It…

It could have been very different. I may not have made it this far. The pull of addiction beckoned but even in the depths of my confusion, despair, and darkness I knew deep down it was not for me – not this time anyway… I didn’t have the understanding or later the words to express it but there was something keeping me going.

Beneath my wounding, conditioning and unhelpful habits resides a part of me with great wisdom, my Wise Woman. Untarnished by the ups and downs of life she is a quiet, calm, knowing guide. When I listen to her things go well. I had forgotten this part of me existed but every now and again she would try and make herself known. For decades my mind overrode her. She didn’t give up.

I found her through my yoga practice, walking in nature, in the pauses between thinking, planning, judging, and zoning out. She led me well and here I am sharing with you. Never in a million years did I think this would happen!

You came from nothing into physical form helpless and reliant on others. To navigate life, you developed strategies and behaviours to ensure that you survive, are fed, loved, or shielded from painful feelings and memories. This is when you start of the disconnect from your inner wisdom.

These parts or programmes which are vital to you as a child haven’t been updated. They get in the way of you living life fully as an adult. Next time you get upset or triggered notice your reaction, what age comes to mind? Perhaps you struggle for words or there are no words – possibly linked to preverbal events.

You may have no conscious memory as to why your programmes developed. There may be a transgenerational link. Yet everything is stored within your body. It holds your pain and the answers you are seeking.

“Trauma comes back as a reaction, not a memory”
Bessel Van Der Kokk

Your body is designed to heal and return to homeostasis. Pain, both physical and emotional, signals something is wrong. Life continues to bring you opportunities to process unfinished business. Events may seem unlinked, unfortunate, coincidental or there may be patterns – ongoing issues with romantic relationships, money, self-worth etc. All are opportunities to heal and be authentically you – not a punishment. The body is signalling it is time to change course. It is exhausting holding onto your wounding and story. I know, I tried extremely hard. Each release felt like it created a new me, lighter, brighter, and happier.

If I can do it you can too! 

Yoga in its fullest sense was my way out of these unhelpful repeating events. Every time I came onto my mat I was guided to connect with my body, then my breath and notice – I discovered my Wise Woman. She is my guide. Our relationship continued to deepen as I expanded my practice with healing and development tools. My trust built. I now trust her above everything. It is my joy and honour to guide you, and others, to connect with your inner wisdom.

Here’s how

Start with one step, something that is manageable and celebrate starting. Before you were oblivious. Now you are aware AND have taken a step towards your goal. It takes as long as it takes. There is no set route or technique. You can take the scenic route or go directly, navigating obstacles, getting stuck in dead ends – it doesn’t matter. I have done all and eventually moved on. Sometimes I would charge ahead, think I was complete only to find something else to consider. All the while I feel better, more alive and my relationships are easier. My sense is that this is a life-long practice, and it feels good. This is my life purpose. To find me and live authentically.

I will guide and support you.

What is your next step? Would group or private sessions best help you? 

Email me to get started.

With love and acknowledgement for all you have experienced, your challenges and potential.


6 steps to stay positive

NOW is the time to see the opportunities that 2020 has brought. Yes the evenings are darker and the media is full of doom. I could go on… But we have a choice to focus on the challenges or potential. Proactive actions, thoughts and people lift our spirit and positivity.

Here are some simple steps which will help create good vibes. Aim for success, Choose something that you can do without too much effort. Add, or change as needed.


  • Use a lamp that imitates natural sunlight.
  • Take regular exercise, walk daily, practice yoga/qigong
  • Eat healthily with natural foods*
  • Create a routine – it gives a sense of control


  • Every morning and every night take a few minutes to focus on 5 things that you have in your life right now. Food? water? A job/income? A home? Friends? Etc.
  • Each day share with a partner, friend, colleague at least one positive thing about your day.
  • Minimise exposure to negative input, tv, social media etc. choose feel-good programs and connections
  • When you focus on positive events and gratitude you will notice more positive events, people and ideas and your energy will become lighter.


You can’t control what’s going on in the world, you can control how your home looks and feels.(children, partners, parents permitting LOL!). Find a space that works for you, perhaps a mobile one is the best option, simply roll out a mat. There are no rules.

  • Clear clutter
  • Rearrange, ornaments, pictures, cushions, furniture as appropriate. Experiment to create a feel-good energy
  • Place positive images and photos where you spend most time
  • Add colours that evoke joy, happiness and positivity for you. This could be with cushions, decor, plants.
  • Open the windows every day to bring in fresh air and energy


  • Reach out to a friend, by phone, online, over the fence. Depending how you are feeling, you may choose a positive friend where the conversation is likely to include laughter or someone who is alone and may need support. Receiving support is mood enhancing. Asking how someone else is will take you away from your own suffering for a while.


You are doing the best you can with what you’ve got. Watch out for negative self-talk and judgement. It’s ok to feel however you feel. Accepting this is the first step to change.


Invest in yourself. This was a challenge for me in the early days. Now I realise that it must be my highest priority. The purpose of life is to unravel my history and story, bringing me to a place of equilibrium and wholeness. And the best possible way to be of service to others is by sorting myself out! It is a lifelong commitment.

If you would like support in groups or 1 to 1 sessions, I am here to help. Together things become achievable, change happens. I have come through dark  days and you can too.

Here are 5 key insights I have learned over the years.

☯  Everything that has happened is ok.
☯  We all have our own life path.
☯  Life isn’t meant to be a Disney movie.
☯  Challenges are here to catalyse positive change.
☯  There is no right way or only way.

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1 TO 1 sessions week days/occasional weekends.

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Love Suzan

*You may want to invest in personalised advice with a BANT therapist, such as Jo, who you may know from yoga. consult your GP if you experience SAD, Seasonal affective disorder, chronic depression/anxiety

**If you will benefit from the classes, are committed to attend regularly and have a genuine financial issue please donate what you can – this will be confidential. Please respect this policy and keep for those who really need it.

From Suffering to Bliss – a yoga journey for self-healing

When I notice I am suffering or struggling, I check in to see what is happening, what I am not getting or what wants to change.

How are you with change and uncertainly?

For many years I resisted and resented undesired change. It was painful and not something I had planned. I did all I could to avoid it! I would get busy, grumpy, or resentful. So many more important things to do!  Or times there were long periods in inertia, resentment and feeling trapped. All completely subconscious.

Finding yoga and spiritual development gave me the tools to reflect and broaden my understanding. I came to understand that there was something bigger at play. My ego is not in control. The pain drove me to change. The result exactly what I needed.  The pain led to change. I was being guided to a better place.

The act of regularly showing up on the mat is a huge opportunity to be present with what is, to feel those things that are so easy to avoid. I found yoga postures a way into reflective practices. They also gave me time to get to know my body, and feel! Some tightness wouldn’t shift no matter how many classes I did. It was in healing and personal development that they moved. I was then able to explore and access deeper wisdom in the yoga classes.

I studied a whole lot and understood at a cognitive level. Over time I was really able to understand. This was when I felt the knowing and understanding physically and at a more subtle, energetic level.

Now I feel and know with my physical body and beyond that change and the suffering it often brings are the one certainty in life! It is not wrong or a punishment, rather a catalyst to take us to a new, more evolved place. The idea is to move through the suffering rather than get stuck. Now it’s not easy or quick but the reality of life.

Life continues to bring me opportunities to leap forward and I find the support and connection of my practice means the process is easier and quicker. And I still notice sub-conscious activities taking me the scenic route! Ultimately it will take as long as is needed.

Yoga for change and reducing suffering

Are you ready for change? Looking for support navigating change? Trying to understand and make sense of uncertainty.

Email me to book a free 20 minute consultation to see how working together can support you.

From Overwhelm to Calm in 5 Minutes

  • Stop feelings of overwhelm, irritation and powerlessness
  • Activate your rest and digest system
  • See clearly
  • Become empowered

Try this 5 minute breathing practice (5 minutes and 22 seconds)

Focused breathing is powerfully transformative.  It allows the nervous system to settle, the mind and body to calm and harmony to be restored.

Daily – there are 1440 minutes in a day.  If you don’t manage daily do as often as possible.  In an emergency take 3 conscious deep breaths wherever you are.

What people say

“When I am stuck in traffic I use the breathing practice and the stress vanishes”. Lynne

“Dear Suzan   Just to say many thanks for the breathing programme.  My blood pressure readings are down, so no visits to the doctor for 3 months and no increase in medication.  I also feel a lot calmer and don’t get those feelings of panic which were very unpleasant.
yours with many thanks”. Betty E

“I was progressing with my Scuba diver training last weekend was struggling to maintain a level easy breath and as a result using far too much air. So 40 feet below the surface the following day I was thinking about concentrating on my yoga breath whilst trying to master the skills of diving, it worked!” Guy K

“I wanted to let you know I enjoyed the classes and used the breathing techniques throughout the pregnancy and during labour which was a huge help, so thank you” Clare P

If you would like to work deeper with breath and movement I have a range of online yoga groups and private sessions to support your specific needs and availability.  Email me.

Focused breathing will support you whatever is going on in your life – stress, the blues, living with change and uncertainty. Give yourself the gift of 5 minutes a day for a month and let me know the results.  I would love to hear from you.

Please email me  with any feedback or questions.


In an emergency just 3 conscious breaths will change the way you feel.