Moon Magic or Mayhem?

What a summer! Nature is looking stunning from all the rain! Last summer everything looked brown, dried out and dying. No wonder we talk so much about the weather!

We too need water to be vibrant and healthy. A huge percentage of the body is water. Figures vary according to age and body part. I haven’t found a consistent figure. A conservative estimate is a minimum of 50%.

‘According to natural health expert Dr Joseph Mercola, your blood contains 85% water, muscles contain 80%, the brain is 75% and your bones are 25% water’.

Just as the oceans are bodies of water so too are we, and like the waves we are impacted by the moon. 

The full moon exerts a strong pull on water. Every 10 or so years there are 2 full moons in a month which is known as a blue moon. A supermoon is when the moon is closest to the earth. Both events increase the intensity – positive or seemingly negative. 

The pull of the moon affects us on all levels. Physical issues may show up again. Emotions often run high! I’ve been told that for decades police, hospitals etc. have had extra staff around the full moon. The term ‘lunatic’ relates to moon madness.

Clients have shared dramatic events around full moon – left a toxic relationship; a loved one exploded, they felt engulfed in a tsunami of emotions. Another hadn’t slept for several days.

Life may be challenging for a while. Self-awareness brings opportunities to use these energies to our benefit. It’s a great time to work. The powerful energies can catalyse momentum. We can use them to break through old, heavy energies and heal. The vibration on earth is increasing. There is great potential for deep, swift healing of self, our ancestral line and the collective. Mayhem becomes magic!

This is where our yoga, meditation and healing circles support us.

Is it time to revisit your self-care practices?

My personal practice, keeping well hydrated, nourished and spending time in nature anchor me in stormy times. I am supported by my friends and healing team too.

Water for Well-being

I read an interesting book on hydration called Quench (8 glasses a day is not the way!) by Dana Cohen MD and Gina Bria. It’s based on the relatively new discovery of the 4th state of water, a gel state. My top 3 takeaways are:

1.    Add a teaspoon of chia seeds to a glass of water, (leave for at least 30 minutes before drinking). The seeds absorb the water meaning that rather than flushing straight through it is stays in the body for longer. 

2.    A pinch of good quality salt helps replace electrolytes lost when we sweat, or diluted through excessive liquid consumption etc.

3.    Rather than having 2 glasses of water at the same time have an apple and one glass. The fibre in the apple holds the liquid for longer rather than flushing straight through.

Ocean waves

The Healing Power of Water

Water is living, it holds an energy which can change as can we. Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water studied the effect of the spoken or written word and music. When positive words, such as peace, love, happiness, and gratitude, were spoken to or written on a container of water, beautiful crystals formed. Similarly, attractive crystals developed with music like “Amazing Grace” and Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. When negative words—“you make me sick,” “anger,” “evil”—or heavy metal music were used, the result was a less attractive, poorly formed crystal. (More info in The Healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto).

If this resonates you might also like to research structured water. It restores the natural vitality of water that is lost when it is in pipes. 

Summer is coming to an end and as we welcome autumn we will soon return to a regular schedule. Routine is grounding and settles vata. Whatever your predominant body type/dosha vata usually becomes disturbed with change of season.

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