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3 Steps to Success Proof your New Years Resolutions

What is your vision for 2023? What do you want more of and what is ready for change? Birth your vision into reality with a simple intention/goal setting structure.

1. Start Smart!
Get super clear on your intention by making sure it is:
✅ specific – clear and expressed positively
✅ measurable – ‘I will attend 3 yoga classes each calendar month’
✅ achievable – do you have the resources – equipment, knowledge needed?
✅ realistic/relevant – is it sustainable over a longer period?
✅ timely – when will you have achieved your intention?

2. Success Focused

The longer the timeframe the more unexpected events can happen. Consider maximum 3 months and create small steps/targets towards your goal. Celebrate and acknowledge your progress. It’s great to review/amend. It will keep on track for success. 

3. Sagha / Community

New habits take time. It is easier with support. Who will be your cheer leader? Perhaps
💥 Like-minded friend and
💥 Your community
Stuff will come up as part of change. It’s just the way it is. Look out for negativity and become aware of previously unconscious patterns. This is a huge progress! Now it is possible to change them. It will be easier with others. Someone who will lovingly nudge you and say what you need to hear with compassion. a person who has and continues to do their own healing and really gets it.

Need help getting started? Email me to book a  chat.

Here’s to new adventures and possibilities.

With love
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3 Steps to Success Proof your New Years Resolutions

1. Start Smart!
Is you resolution SMART? specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely. It can be upgraded but over ambitious goals can trigger our inner critic/judge and feed into unhelpful behaviours.

2. Success Focused

Set mini goals/targets which lead towards your resolution. These can be checked weekly/monthly and amended to help you succeed. Celebrate each win and use it to motivate action on the next step.

3. Sangha / Community

Who will motivate, hold you accountable and facilitate healing and changes needed? This can be one person or several. Any relationship, habit, belief etc. which is not in alignment with your resolution will need to be healed and upgraded. This brings us back to step 1, start smart!

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The most effective YOGA pose for fatigue, stress & reducing pain

When I am in the midst of admin or had a long day I so need to do this pose and want to share with you. I find a few minutes a day is life changing ! What are the triggers or times when you really need a quick pick me up? This one pose can:

  • Energy levels increase
  • Calmness develops
  • Digestion improves
  • Immune system is supported
  • Clarity and decision making become easier
  • Pain is often reduced or eliminated
  • Relaxation replaces tensions throughout the body
  • Breath settles supporting all body systems
  • Creates a sense of well-being

Drum roll…. Ta dah! The most effective YOGA pose for fatigue, stress & reducing pain is a modified savasana – semi supine – lying with knees bent and feet on the floor!

The most effective YOGA pose for fatigue, stress & reducing pain - semi-supine savasana - calm - relax - flexibility - core strengthTips:

  • If you are not comfortable getting up/down from the floor, practice on your bed or in a chair.
  • If it is more comfortable lie on your side and experiment with a cushion between your knees – in 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy lie on left side.
  • Place a small book or cushion under your head to lengthen the back of the neck. You want the ear to be parallel to the floor.


Regular practice results gives fastest results. Your body will associate this pose with all the positive benefits.

  • Start with 3-5 minutes once a day
  • Build to 5 minutes twice a day
  • Longer if experiencing fatigue, anxiety, aches and pains, try 20 minutes 2 or 3 times daily.

What to do/think about:

  • Stay present and awake if possible
  • Notice – without judgement
  • What sensations are in your body?
  • How is your breath?
  • Where does your mind want to go?

The practice will be just as it is meant to be:

  • You may notice nothing or many things
  • There may be resistance
  • You may want to zone out or sleep
  • Keep returning to the ‘now’ your body on the mat

The more you return to the present moment the deeper the practice. It’s about being real with whatever shows up. I would love to hear how you get on please contact me.






Tips for surviving and thriving the holidays

Do you always have great intentions and expectations for family gatherings but end up frustrated, resentful, disappointed? Here are 5 ways to thrive rather than survive family gatherings:-

  1. Be realistic. How can you enjoy the day without having an agenda for success?
  2. Simplify, minimise and prepare as much as you can in advance.
  3. Make a self-care plan, e.g., when will you rest, be in nature, listen to uplifting music.
  4. Take some time to reflect on the positive qualities and/or past positive actions of those who trigger you.
  5. To avoid or minimise misunderstandings, flare-ups and arguments take a piece of paper and create 2 columns
    • On the left list or draw challenges triggers and patterns that have come up before or are a strong possibility for your next meeting.
    • On the right list or draw actions, phrases, thoughts to avert a major incident eg
      Smile and count to 10
      Take a long slow exhale
      Leave the room
      Change the topic of conversation
      Remind/reinforce a boundary

If it doesn’t go to plan, be compassionate with yourself. There is a saying – if you think you are enlightened, go spend time with your family! The more realistic you are and the fewer expectations you have, the easier it is.

Feel free to email me and share your greatest challenges and I will create a resource to support you.