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Spring is in the Air

I see blue skies, pine trees and the golf course glistening with dew. Two magpies catch my attention. A host of unseen birds chatter loudly. It’s a sign of spring. Winter will not last forever.

Our ancestors lived according to the rhythms of nature. Candlelight and fires were the only light. Inclement weather and reduced daylight signalled the time for sleeping longer, curling up and resting. As a species we retain this connection to nature. We are not designed to run at full speed 24/7 365!

Nature brings times of plenty, scarcity, activity, and rest. Before industrialised agriculture food supplies would dwindle towards the end of winter. Reducing food intake/fasting triggers autophagy – processing old and damaged cells. The resulting reduced energy has least impact during this time of stillness.

Wintering is a form of meditation – being rather than doing – noticing and returning to stillness.

It’s a challenging part of the yogic path, easy to avoid yet ultimately it sets us free.

I am great at thinking of all possibilities, planning and organising but it impedes certainty and action. My successes come from acting on a deep knowing. And so… I’ve been the most still and silent ever this winter. Initially the pull ‘to do’ something, be productive was predominant. At times it was uncomfortable and heavy. As the weeks passed it felt more comfortable and I welcomed times of aloneness.

One day the time was right. The answers came quickly. I knew, beyond doubt, my next step.

My secret? Was to get out of my own way, value my intuition and give it space.

The beginning of February is the time of Imbolc in the Celtic Wheel of the Year – also known as St. Brigid’s Day. The earth feels different. Something is in the air. I have naturally been waking earlier and venturing out for longer but I’m not quite ready to leap into full speed ahead.
ancient ones new a lot!

If you too are ready to start the year now today is a perfect time. Each day, each breath is a new beginning. And just one step in a different direction creates a completely different view.

I’m here if you need support.