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Finding Unity in a Fragmented World!

Such interesting times we have chosen to incarnate. The much-heralded unity Consciousness has not yet arrived. Darkness abounds. Fear and separation take us further from the unity we seek. Yet nothing is new, perhaps more intense, and visible. Yogic Philosophy refers to these times as The Kali Yuga the last of 4 phases in the wheel of time. The old systems disintegrate making way for a new beginning/cycle which starts with the Golden Age. Hooray 😊

Transitions are often tumultuous. Yoga provides tools, support, and structure to navigate challenges, thrive and create unity in YOUR world.

Take a break from trying to figure things out and keep up with twists, turns and possible outcomes. Notice where you spend your energy. How would it be to invest that energy in creating peace and unity in your personal world?

Unity Yoga guides you to a state of freedom and unity with your true nature.

The first 3 steps of are in the outer world – yama, niyama, asana – primarily linked to our physical body and how it interacts with the world. 

Tools here are all about the physical/body, individual traits and becoming more aware of relationship to self, others, and environment. Slow, mindful movement supports self-awareness, although you may need to start faster and slow gradually.

The next 2 steps take us towards our inner world – pranayama, pratyahara – they are more subtle aspects of Self – vitality, thoughts/emotions, where we are getting to know our higher self/inner witness. Tools include yogic breathing, moving meditations such as the caring breath, mudras, and palming.

The final 3 steps of the path are qualities of meditation – dharana, dhyana, samadhi –the least tangible aspects of Self. Glimpses of being completely absorbed in the moment; a state of bliss arise.

Tools include ritual, devotion, and meditation. We move into and out of the various stages of meditation. It is not a linear process. Our focus may become distracted. Other times the flow of awareness (to the object of meditation) becomes more constant, and we have moments of complete absorption. You may have experienced this when watching a sunset or listening to classical music.

Every part of us and each step on the path are linked. A large sheet of fascia runs from the feet up the back of the body to the head. Whatever happens in the body affects our vitality/prana and emotions and vice versa. When our witness self sees the world free from conditioning and survival instincts it is reflected in body and breath. Often there is a radiance and look of wellness as if a heavy load has been shifted.

We have created a new reality.

Want to know more?

I support conscious women ready and willing to do whatever it takes to overcome their wounding and trauma to live with purpose and joy. Sessions are on Zoom and include movement, mentoring and mindfulness.

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Yoga for Healing and Grounding

Yoga is a rich source of ancient knowledge underpinning many common spiritual beliefs.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali explains the nature of the mind. It’s 8 steps – astanga yoga – guide us from unconsciousness and suffering to freedom ‘kaivalya’. Here the mind ‘cit’ is no longer in the driving seat. Instead, there is discernment. An awareness of the difference between stories, patterns, mental chitter chatter and the innate wisdom of the soul/spirit. This is the ultimate truth.

What happens in the mind is reflected in both body and breath. Appropriate movement tames the breath calming the mind. Simple breathing techniques stabilise, and ground body which calms the mind. We develop self-awareness, self-acceptance and create the arena for insights and change. This knowing supports all areas of life. We begin to see beyond the suffering and illusions of the human condition.