Yoga for Healing and Grounding

Yoga is a rich source of ancient knowledge underpinning many common spiritual beliefs.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali explains the nature of the mind. It’s 8 steps – astanga yoga – guide us from unconsciousness and suffering to freedom ‘kaivalya’. Here the mind ‘cit’ is no longer in the driving seat. Instead, there is discernment. An awareness of the difference between stories, patterns, mental chitter chatter and the innate wisdom of the soul/spirit. This is the ultimate truth.

What happens in the mind is reflected in both body and breath. Appropriate movement tames the breath calming the mind. Simple breathing techniques stabilise, and ground body which calms the mind. We develop self-awareness, self-acceptance and create the arena for insights and change. This knowing supports all areas of life. We begin to see beyond the suffering and illusions of the human condition.