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Yoga Nidra

When we are relaxed change and rational thinking are accessible. Until this time, they are at best unreliable.

Yoga nidra helps settle a restless mind. It supports sleep, reduces anxiety, and promotes deep relaxation. The mind is positively occupied as it follows the directions around the body and senses making it less likely to drift. You will receive the benefit even if you fall asleep!

Yoga nidra can be practiced as part of a class or on its own. It brings relaxation which is far greater than the time practiced.

Including Yoga nidra  at the end of our physical practice supports integration and alignment of the physical and nonphysical bodies/kosha  – the energy, mental/emotional, wisdom, and bliss bodies – making it a great support to our healing practice.

Living Your Healing

You are ready, you’ve done a lot of work, dealt with so much, some issues many times over but… those old habits die hard.

The final part of the healing process is something that must be done by our SELF. No-one can live our life and create a response rather than reaction or feel old energy stirring and stay present without being triggered.

The ONLY way that works is to become self-aware – thoughts, emotions, physical sensations. Awareness gives the opportunity of a new action or no action. Instead of playing starring role in the movie of our life we become an objective observer. Initially we may be pulled into the role of hero, victim, or rescuer. It’s our habit. The biochemistry is familiar. That’s ok. Before we were oblivious and now, we are noticing. Hooray!

Once the intention is set, things can change fast. Every now and again a tsunami of energy may come and before we know it, we are back in the familiar waters of our habits and coping strategies 😊. It’s part of the process.

HOW do we develop this awareness?

It’s important to feel safe in our body and able to relax. This will down regulate the nervous system to parasympathetic rest and digest/tend and befriend mode and facilitate rational thinking which always helps!

Create quiet time for reflection to be able to hear/feel/sense/know the messages from the body and intuition. Stillness may help and it may also be a non-starter. There is a view that seated, silent meditation is more yang and women are better suited to a gentle, moving meditation practice. Experiment and see what works for you. Remember there is no right, wrong or only way. You are meant to change, and your practice is to support where you are at any time.

I find mindful yoga, walking, simple breathing practices and flowing movement work well but also have great insight when I am quiet and pottering at home. I’ve had profound realisations and releases while driving in the countryside.

When aware of a thought, emotion, or physical sensation this becomes our focus, watching, sensing without judgement while avoiding getting pulled into a story or looking for meaning. Thoughts, emotions, and sensations in the body are all energy. We are holding space for unprocessed energies to move through the body with compassion, curiosity and self-love.

Want to know more?

I support conscious women ready and willing to do whatever it takes to overcome their wounding and trauma to live with purpose and joy. Sessions are on Zoom and include movement, mentoring and mindfulness.

Yoga Saved Me by Suzan J Wells

I spent many years in a whirlwind of stress desperately trying to rescue or fix my family and friends. Blissfully unaware. I was subconsciously avoiding dealing with my own issues. My health and well-being declined. I was exhausted, isolated and my adrenals were close to burn out. Eventually I grew tired of symbolically banging my head against a brick wall. I started yoga and instantly my body sighed with relief. Over the weeks, months, and years my body and inner wisdom showed me the way. Processing an emotional issue resulted in more ease and fewer aches and pains. My body began to tell me of trauma she was holding. I gently give this part of me space and allow her to be heard and the energy flow. On my mat I am home and safe. This is the real me. At my own pace other areas of my life began to change. I saw things differently, and positively. If I hadn’t found yoga….

Over the years I have adapted, integrated other modalities, and created tools for first-aid, maintenance and moving forward. Most importantly I listen to my body and inner wisdom. I had ignored silent whispers or deep knowing many times and regretted it. As soon as I notice I am off-track I take a few minutes to regroup with something for my body or mind/emotions.

“Thank you for the yoga and for keeping us sane in crazy times.”

I love to share this deeper yoga with its healing potential. This poem sums up perfectly my intention with groups and individual sessions.

A Medicine Woman’s Prayer
I will not rescue you
For you are not powerless.
I will not fix you
For you are not broken.
I will not heal you
For I see you in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through your darkness
As you remember your light.


Your Body has the Answer

Life is not random or co-incidental. We each have a curriculum, life plan, soul contract. From the get-go events, experiences, and trauma set us on our path.

As infants we subconsciously learn that we are not perfect, whole, and complete. Certain behaviours are encouraged, others discouraged. This is no judgement on parents. It’s the way things work. The best parenting advice has proved not to be so. Trends come and go.  If left to cry ourselves to sleep, we may have learned that our needs are not important or will not be met. Perhaps we learned to be good, work hard or perform to be accepted, or loved.

This is a shock. We are dependent on the approval of others to get our needs met and live. To cope we subconsciously split into parts.*

  1. The Wounded Self – feels it is not perfect, rejects aspects of the Healthy Self and takes on a false ‘acceptable’ persona.
  2. The Defended/Survivor Self – ensures we survive. Its role is to protect us through this false identity and hiding the Healthy Self. This is done ferociously and persistently.
  3. The Healthy Self – is non-judgemental, compassionate, deeply present. The destination of our healing journey.

Our protector/defender self does such a good job we forget about our wounded self!

The Defended Self kept us safe by shielding our true nature from the world. What a gift! It developed when we were young and acts from that place. This explains childlike responses and reactions that seem greater than the situations warrant.

It has done a great job but now it’s outdated patterns, limiting beliefs, and judgements keep us stuck or plays out the same old stories. It blocks the gateway to the Wounded Self – the root of the issue.

Developing compassion and befriending the Defended Self is the key. When it feels safe the nervous system calms, relaxation and rational thinking become accessible. We can then see beyond the drama/trauma/story that plays out.

As the barriers come down, we start to become aware of ‘defended/buried’ emotions. This can be tough. There is a reason you were protected from them. But it is not necessary to go into trauma, or relive events. Objective awareness creates a connection to the energy – as if watching a video rather than having a lead role. The energy can then be transformed, transmuted and new habits created. This is where I find yoga so valuable.

Conscious Yoga gives the opportunity to get to know our Self through the body. This is more accessible, and success orientated. Mindful movement, breathing, stillness and all the other yoga tools present an opportunity to get to know the Self more deeply. ‘Yoga is a journey of the Self to the Self’ – unity of all parts of self, unity with the cosmos, all that is. On the way we become aware and have the opportunity to accept all our parts with compassion from our Healthy Self.

I support conscious women ready and willing to do whatever it takes to overcome their wounding and trauma to live with purpose and joy. Sessions are on Zoom and include movement, mentoring and mindfulness.

*The 3 Selves by Franz Rupert