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Yoga – a Path to Peace & Self-awareness

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Yoga is a path to self-discovery, the ancient wisdom of sages including Patanjali are as relevant today as thousands of years ago. Yoga offers a wealth of philosophy and psychology which dates back thousands of years. Postures as we know them today are a very recent addition. Yoga was taught individually, to men only. It was a way of life. The student would have to work hard to be accepted by his teacher. Training would involve living with the teacher, often for many years.

Krishnamacharya started teaching yoga to women. In 1937 Indra Devi became known as “The First Lady of Yoga.” when she was admitted into his school. Now yoga is often associated with complex acrobatic postures, often with young, very bendy and attractive women. However the postures are only one of many tools to journey to a state of yoga. They can in fact become a distraction when that is our only focus. It is important to maintain strength in the body, especially the spine and a flexibility. From a yoga perspective this is to support our meditation practice.

A mindful yoga practice supports the body and creates a space to become aware of what really going on. Underneath the busy mind, and aches and pains there is often an emotional issue. Awareness can be enough to start or complete moving this energy from your system.

Y – YOU – the only person who you can change is yourself – you are responsible only for your reaction.

O – OBSERVE – your thoughts, actions, and reactions – are there patterns you have outgrown or are not serving you? Are you ready for change?

G – GRATITUDE – spend time focusing on all you are grateful for, the more you do this the more you will find and the more positive and calm you will feel.

A – ACCEPTANCE – allow whatever is happening to be okay and remember that change is the only certainty. Much angst and energy is spent on things over which we have not control.

Is it time for you to take the next step? Please email me if you would like support or guidance.