Yoga Therapy Sessions

A Yoga therapy session will be tailored to the need and interests of the client and may include:-

  • Postures
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • Mantra
  • Sound/Chanting
  • Study of yoga texts

Sessions can be entirely chair based or mainly lying to make it accessible to all

Chair based is ideal for those with restricted mobility including wheel chair users, the spine is upright and movement is available in all major joints.  Many practices such as meditation are usually seated so unaffected

Lying practices are gentle, supported and relaxing ideal for those with balance issues, they allow for a good range of movement in a safe supported way

A typical session – There are different approaches depending on the desired outcome.

Sessions may start in a relaxing way gradually introducing movement and breathing techniques or may start in an energetic way and gradually slow down creating a sense of calm and well-being.   The postures, breathing and additional techniques in a session will depend on whether the focus is energising, relaxing or balancing

Session format:  A session usually starts with a short period of stillness to settle the system and notice your starting point, (any aches and pains, how the mind is etc.), Movement is co-ordinated with the breath to help calm and focus the mind.  Clients are advised to work with their body as it is, avoiding pain.  Periods of rest and relaxation are included.  Towards the end of the session there may yoga breathing techniques, meditation/visualisation/sound/affirmation etc. as appropriate   

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