I am a Tree

I am a tree

Which stands by the path you tread.

If you can learn something from me

Stay awhile.

I cannot take you my way

Because my roots

Are in my own piece of ground,

And my branches

Reach up to my own personal sky.

If you wish to lean

Against me for a time

And warm in the sun

Which filters through my leaves

Then share my stillness

And become one with me.

But do not stay too long –

Or part of yourself

Will become lost within me.

Do not take one of my branches

To use as a prop

For even I am unaware

Of which are strong or weak.

In looking at me

Reflect on what you didn’t know

And make it your own truth,

I will not impede the path you tread

But I hope I have helped

To make your journey



The Teacher by Barbara Griggs

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