The Only Certainty Is Change

The Future is yet to be Written

Life has a wonderful way of catching our attention. What was certain becomes uncertain. Unexpected, unwelcome or ‘oh no not again’ situations shake our world – relationships, work, health.

Yoga teaches that the only certainties are change and death. Resisting ‘what is’ impacts our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is exhausting. Accepting saves a huge amount of energy. We don’t have to like it. Remember it too will change. View with curiosity. Something new may arise – perhaps even better than before.

Everything is here to help you”. Matt Kahn.

Change can be a catalyst – an opportunity or a gift. Granted this ‘gift’ can be very heavily disguised! Consider it as a ‘wakeup call’ from the universe – time to do things differently. Take a leap of faith.

Well-being practices are more important than ever although they can be hard to maintain in times of turmoil. It is important to be resourced and calm. When we are in stress or overwhelm objectivity is impossible or unreliable.

The body holds your story and history. It holds great wisdom too.

Practice calming breathing techniques
Learn to relax.
Take time for yourself – be still, quiet, walk, meditate, and notice.

The answers lie within.

Raja yoga the yoga of Patanjali prescribes Self-study/ discovery. As we align with our true Self and intuition, we see beyond the egoic mind. This entraps us in old, outdated ways trying to keep us safe. We may feel ‘safe’ but stuck too. Struggles, stress, and drama may be our ‘familiar’/ ‘normal’. The place we subconsciously return.

The first step is Awareness accompanied by Acceptance.

Mindful yoga is a wonderful way to get to know our Self ‘warts and all’. Notice feelings and sensations in the body. What thoughts and emotions are present?

Return to Wholeness

Start with movement. Notice what is happening in your body right now.

I feel in harmony with my body”.
“Yoga allows me to land and connect to my body and release”.
“I now know what it is to be present!! 🙂 :)”.
“I enjoyed being in my body”.

Breath connects the body and mind. Techniques can calm, stimulate, or balance.  Your breath reveals more subtle information than the body. It is the yogi’s best friend.

Relaxation completes the nervous system reset to rest and digest, parasympathetic state.

Meditative practices develop our relationship with Self. With compassion, curiosity, and acceptance the soul wisdom can be heard.

The most important relationship is with Self. By nurturing our connection to Self we can create a new future.

Is it time to upgrade, start or kick-start your yoga journey?  

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